Florida's Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan 2012–2016


The preparation of a statewide comprehensive historic preservation plan intended for everyone across the state involved many people. We are greatly appreciative of the regional staff from the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) who hosted public meetings in five communities across the state, and to Jeannette Peters, the consultant who so ably led those meetings. Preservation actually happens at the local level, so the input from those who attended the public meetings and answered our survey was especially helpful in developing the plan. Special thanks goes to Sue Henry Renaud, the National Park Service's just retired Preservation Planning Program manager, who provided keen insight and allowed us extended time to be able to incorporate valuable input from our State Historic Preservation Officer, Robert Bendus.

In many ways the last several years have been a time of great transition and challenge for historic preservation in Florida, and new perspectives linked with ever emerging new technologies have led us to some new approaches in our preservation efforts. Numerous individuals deserve our thanks: FPAN's director William Lees and members of his staff: Cheryl Phelps (Pensacola), Sarah Miller (St. Augustine), Rachel Wentz (Cocoa), Michele Williams (Fort Lauderdale), and Jeff Moates (St. Petersburg). Thanks, too, to Barbara West with the Florida Historical Society who assisted with the public meeting in Cocoa. Thanks to the many staff members at the Division of Historical Resources and Department of State who also provided support and assistance, especially: Alissa Slade Lotane, Chief of the Bureau of Historic Preservation, (BHP); Mary Glowacki, State Archaeologist and Chief of the Bureau of Archaeological Research; Mike Wisenbaker, BAR Archaeologist; Angie Tomlinson, Historic Preservation Fund Grant Manager; Chip Birdsong and the Florida Master Site File staff; and Blaine Waide, State Folklorist.

I would like to express my personal thanks to Andrew Waber and Susanne Hunt, my colleagues in the Bureau of Historic Preservation, who worked so long and diligently by my side to produce this plan.

Barbara E. Mattick, Ph.D.
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
   for Survey & Registration