Florida's Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan 2012–2016

Bibliography and Other Resources


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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Florida Office of Cultural and Historical Programs (with links to the Division of Historical Resources and the Bureau of Historic Preservation)

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Forever land acquisition program

Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network

Florida Public Archaeology Network

Florida State Parks

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions

National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places

National Park Service, Links to the Past

National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services (Preservation Planning and Tax Act Programs)

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Trust Main Street Center

1000 Friends of Florida

University of West Florida Next Exit History Program

National Park Service Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor


TR = thematic resources
MRA = multiple resource area
MPS = multiple property submission,
(# ) = manuscript # in Florida Master Site File;
(NPS #) = number used by the National Register of Historic Places, NPS database.
  • Archeological Properties of the Naval Live Oaks Reservation MPS (#6251) (NPS #64500092)
  • Archaeological Resources in the Upper St. Johns River Valley MPS (#3896) (NPS #64500093)
  • Archaeological Resources of Everglades National Park MPS (#6968) (NPS #64500094)
  • Archaeological Resources of the Eighteenth-Century Smyrnea Settlement of Dr. Andrew Turnbull, Volusia County, Florida MPS (#10055) (NPS #645000988)
  • Caloosahatchee Culture of Southwest Florida, 500 BC–AD 1750 MPS (#3897) (NPS #64500095)
  • 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet Shipwrecks MPS (#13596) (NPS #64500947)
  • Southern Florida Sites Associated with the Tequesta and Their Ancestors National Historic Landmark/National Register Theme Study (#18688) (NPS http://www.nps.gov/nhl/themes/themes-allnew.htm)
Thematic or Property Types
  • Citrus Industry Resources of Theodore Strawn, Inc. MPS (#6275) (NPS #64500097)
  • Civil War Era National Cemeteries MPS (federal MPS) or (#19156) (NPS #64500098)
  • Clubhouses of Florida's Woman's Clubs MPS (#5068) (NPS# 64500099)
  • Early Residences of Rural Marion County MPS (#4282, #6286) (NPS# 64500103)
  • Fish Cabins of Charlotte Harbor MPS (#6290) (NPS #64500105)
  • Florida's Carpenter Gothic Churches (#6272) (NPS #64500106)
  • Florida's Historic Black Public Schools MPS (#12406, #18755) (NPS #64500852)
  • Florida's Historic Lighthouses MPS (#9541) (NPS #64500824)
  • Light Stations in the United States, 1789–1952 MPS (#17912) (NPS-prepared)
  • Florida's Historic Railroad Resources MPS (#6289) (NPS #64500107)
  • Florida's Historic World War II Military Resources MPS (#6447) (NPS #64500773)
  • Florida's New Deal Resources MPS (#11495) (NPS #64500918)
  • Historic Schools of the Lakeland Special Tax School District MPS (#8038)
  • Historic Winter Residences of Ormond Beach, 1878–1925 MPS (#6285) (NPS #64500109)
  • John F. Kennedy Space Center MPS (#11239) (NPS #64500111)
  • Mediterranean Revival Style Buildings of Davis Islands MPS (#1579) (NPS #64500118)
  • Rural Resources of Leon County, 1821–1945 MPS (#3658) (NPS #64500124)
  • Sarasota School of Architecture MPS (#15045) (NPS #64500972)
  • Tarpon Springs Sponge Boats MPS (#14544) (NPS #64500126)
Local Areas (By location, not exact titles)
  • Bartow, 1882–1941 MPS (#6284) (NPS #64500096)
  • Daytona Beach MPS (#6262) (NPS #64500100)
  • DeFuniak Springs MPS (#19158) (NPS #64500101)
  • Downtown Jacksonville MPS (#6282) (NPS #64500102)
  • Downtown Miami MRA (#1085) (NPS #64000115)
  • Fellsmere MPS (#6271) (NPS #64500104)
  • Haines City MPS (#6287) (NPS #64500108)
  • Homestead MPS (#11616) (NPS #6450110)
  • Jacksonville, San Jose Estates Thematic Resource (#19163) (NPS #64000119)
  • Kissimmee MPS (#3898) (NPS #64500112)
  • LaBelle MPS (#19162) (NPS #64500828)
  • Lake City MPS (#3899) (NPS #64500113)
  • Lake Helen MPS (#6288) (NPS #64500114)
  • Lake Wales MPS (#6278) (NPS #64500115)
  • Lee County MPS (#4292) (NPS #64500116)
  • Leon County, Rural Resources of MPS (#3658) (NPS #64500124)
  • Marianna MPS (#6268) (NPS #64500117)
  • Marion County, Early Residences of Rural Marion County MPS (#4282, #6286) (NPS# 64500103)
  • Miami Beach, North Beach Community (1919–1963) MPS (#15779) (NPS #64501022)
  • Miami, Biscayne Boulevard, 1925–1937 Thematic Group (#14744)
  • Miami Shores Thematic Resources (#3712) (NPS #64000116)
  • Miami Springs, Country Club Estates Thematic Resources (#19160) (NPS #64000114)
  • Middleburg MPS (#6279) (NPS #64500119)
  • Mount Dora MPS (#16478) (NPS #64501043)
  • Opa-Locka Thematic Resources (#19164) (NPS #64000117)
  • Orange City MPS (#12407) (NPS #64500881)
  • Orange Park MPS (#6270) (NPS #64500120)
  • Punta Gorda MPS (#6280) (NPS #64500122)
  • Rockledge MPS (#6281) (NPS #64500123)
  • Sarasota, City of MRA (#6276) (NPS #64000120)
  • Sebring MRA (#6277) (NPS #64500125)
  • Tampa Heights, 1886–1933 MPS (#13776)
  • Titusville MPS (#6283) (NPS #64500127)
  • University of Florida Campus MPS (#15358) (NPS #64501011)
  • Venice MPS (#4276) (NPS #64500128)
  • Whitfield Estates Subdivision MPS (#19161) (NPS #64500129)
  • Winter Haven MPS (#10142) (NPS #64500130)

These covers are available as downloads from the Florida Master Site File as indicated by (#), and from the National Register of Historic Places database, as indicated by (NPS #). The Florida Master Site File also contains survey reports and Florida National Register nominations, all of which contain historical contexts for the individual communities. To request any of these items, call 850.245.6440 or email sitefile@dos.state.fl.us.



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