Miami Circle - Learn More - Planning Group, Agenda November 30, 2001

Miami Circle/Brickell Point Planning Group

Friday, November 30, 2001, 3:30pm
Atlantic-Biscayne-Caribbean Room
The Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130

  1. Call to Order, Janet Snyder Matthews
    1. Minutes of August 13, 2001 meeting
    2. Goals of this meeting, Jan Matthews (5 minutes)
    3. Introduction of Billy Cypress, Seminole Tribe designer
  2. Consideration of a Resolution in support of congressional authorization for a study regarding incorporation of the Miami Circle/Brickell Point into Biscayne National Park
  3. Issues identified in May 1999 Land Acquisition and Management Advisory Council (LAMAC) Project Design
    1. Securing and stabilizing archaeologically sensitive areas: Proposed plans for protection and temporary public access to the site, Michael Spring, Executive Director, Miami-Dade County Cultural Affairs Council and Ryan J. Wheeler, Archaeology Supervisor, Bureau of Archaeological Research (15 minutes)
    2. Development and installation of an interim educational and interpretive display: Proposed plans for temporary interpretation of the site, J. Andrew Brian, President, Historical Museum of Southern Florida (10 minutes)
    3. Management of property: Status of Lease and Sublease, Debby Kearney, Esquire, General Counsel, Florida Department of State (10 minutes)
    4. Re-establishment of pubic access to the site’s waterfront: Consideration of a Resolution in support of incorporation of the Miami Circle/Brickell Point into the Miami River Greenway, Brett Bibeau, Miami River Commission (10 minutes)
    5. Listing in the National Register of Historic Places: Status of National Register of Historic Places nomination, Ryan Wheeler (5 minutes)
  • Closing Remarks, Jan Matthews
    1. Schedule and agenda for next meeting
    2. Identify individuals and organizations to present concepts for use and interpretation of Miami Circle and Brickell Point property.
    3. Plans for Public Forum
  • NOTE: All information presented at this meeting will be synthesized and distributed to committee members prior to the next meeting. Comments from the public can be submitted in writing or by e-mail. A public forum will be scheduled at a later date.