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Jackson (1822) -- Andrew Jackson, President, U.S., 1829-1837.

Jefferson (1827) -- Thomas Jefferson, President, U.S., 1801-1809. The lithograph at left is an 1885 depiction Monticello, the County Seat of Jefferson County. Jefferson County Image

Lafayette (1856) -- Marquis de Lafayette, French officer who served with Washington in the American Revolution.

Lake (1887) -- The large number of lakes in the area.

Lee (1887) -- General Robert E. Lee.

Leon (1824) -- Juan Ponce de Leon, first European to reach Florida.

Levy (1845) -- David Levy (Yulee), U.S. Senator, 1845-1851, 1855-1861.

Liberty (1855) -- Name applied to common objective of American people.


Madison (1827) -- James Madison, President, U.S., 1809-1817.

Manatee County Image Manatee (1855) -- The sea cow, or manatee. Right: an 1871 drawing of a manatee in Florida from Harper's Monthly magazine (vol. XLII).
Marion County Image Marion (1844) -- General Francis Marion, Revolutionary War Hero. Left: General Francis Marion, "The Swamp Fox" of the Revolutionary War.

Martin (1925) -- John W. Martin, governor, 1925-1929.

Monroe (1823) -- James Monroe, President, U.S., 1817-1825.


Nassau (1824) -- Duchy of Nassau, Germany.


Okaloosa (1915) -- Choctaw Indian words oka (water) and lusa (black).

Okeechobee County Image Okeechobee (1917) -- Hitchiti words oki (water) and chobi (big). Right: this 1935 photograph shows the draglines and dredges at work during the construction of the Lake Okeechobee levee. The project called for levees totaling 66 miles (51 miles along the south shore and 15 miles along part of the north shore). To complete the theses levees, over 43 million cubic yards of rock and marl were used.

Orange (1845) -- (was Mosquito, 1824-1845) Oranges.

Osceola (1887) -- The Indian leader Osceola ("Singer of the Black Drink").

Palm Beach (1909) -- Palms and beaches. Left: the sign on top of Gus' Bath reads "Welcome to Our Ocean." Bathing Casinos like this one were popular in Palm Beach County at the time of this photo, around 1920. Palm Beach County Image

Pasco (1887) -- Samuel Pasco, U.S. Senator, 1887-1899.

Pinellas (1911) -- Pinta Pinal or Point of Pines.

Polk (1861) -- James K. Polk, President, U.S., 1845-1849.

Putnam (1849) -- Either for Israel Putnam, Revolutionary hero, or Benjamin A. Putnam, officer in Seminole War and unsuccessful candidate, U.S. House of Representatives, 1815.


St. Johns(1821) -- St. John the Baptist.

St. Lucie County Image St. Lucie (1844) -- St. Lucie of Syracuse, Roman Catholic Saint. Lucie was Born in Sicily and was executed in 304 AD for being a Christian.

Santa Rosa (1842) -- Rosa de Viterbo, Roman Catholic Saint.

Sarasota (1921) -- from Calusa Indian language, meaning not known, but perhaps "Point of Rocks".

Seminole (1913) -- Seminole Indians, thought to be derived from Spanish word cimarron, meaning "wild" or "runaway."

Sumter (1853) -- General Thomas Sumter, Revolutionary War hero.

Suwannee (1858) -- is either Cherokee sawani, meaning "echo river", or corruption of Spanish San Juan. Left: this 1907 painting is by Edwin Lamasure and it shows a ferry on the Suwanee River outside of the city of Branford. Suwannee County Image

Taylor (1856) -- Zachary Taylor, President, U.S., 1849-1851.


Union (1921) -- Unity.


Volusia (1854) -- An English settler, Volus.

Wakulla County Image Wakulla (1843) -- Probably Timucuan Indian word for "spring of water." Right: how times have changed . . . this photograph shows the Wakulla County "Highway" in 1926.

Walton (1824) -- George Walton, Secretary, Territorial Florida, 1821- 1826.

Washington (1825) -- George Washington, President, U.S., 1789-1797.

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