Miami Circle - Virtual Tour, Location 10D

Location 10D

The Miami Circle is made up of a group of large and small holes carved into the limestone bedrock underlying the Brickell Point site. Together they form a circle approximately 11.5 m (38 ft) in diameter. The 24 to 26 features comprising the Circle are arranged in a readily discernible pattern, alternating between relatively large oval and quasi-rectangular “basins” and smaller oval and round holes, many of which contain smaller secondary holes within them.

Many of the basins contained limestone cobbles, which may have been used as wedges to secure wooden structural elements. Vertical cut marks, perhaps made by a shell tool, were observed on many of the carved holes and basins. Scientists studying the Miami Circle suggest that it represents the foundation of a prehistoric building, built perhaps 2,000 years ago. It may have had a thatched roof or it could have been an open-air enclosure.