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Tarpon Springs sponge boats

Tarpon Springs sponge boats.
Photo courtesy of VISIT FLORIDA.

Welcome to Florida's Maritime Heritage Trail! For thousands of years, Floridians have lived and worked on the coast, and have left a legacy of remains and reminders of our past. This web site is all about public access to Florida's natural and cultural coastal resources. Whether you are interested in learning, having fun, or visiting, we will take you there.

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.
Photo courtesy of the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

The Florida Maritime Heritage Trail is not so much a formal path, as it is a collection of interesting and fun locations that are open to the public. The Trail is made up of six themes, Coastal Communities, Coastal Environments, Coastal Forts, Lighthouses, Historic Ports, and Historic Shipwrecks. Each theme includes a number of places to visit or learn about, and each place features pictures, a historical narrative, a map, and information about how to visit. The themes explain how natural and cultural elements developed historically and how they fit together in a region.

Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson.
Photo courtesy of VISIT FLORIDA.

We hope you enjoy your travels around Florida's Maritime Heritage Trail, whether by browsing or driving, and look forward to seeing you often.

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