1733 Spanish Galleon Trail: Explore the Spanish Plate Fleet disaster of 1733.

Create Your Own Adventure

The ships of the 1733 Spanish fleet may be visited in any order. You are welcome to explore all of them, or choose a few that fire your imagination or offer the best diving experience. Each of these sites host vibrant but fragile ecosystems. Please help preserve our marine environment and be respectful of other visitors.

Places to Dive

The ships of the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet wrecked in a variety of environments along 80 miles of the Florida Keys. The larger ships grounded on the outer reef and now rest in clear water surrounded by coral. Smaller merchantmen managed to get inside the reef but, damaged and leaking, sank in the darker water of Hawk Channel where visibility is often limited. A few of the smallest vessels were nearly pulled through the channels between islands and foundered where currents run swift and treacherous.

Those of us who explore the sunken graves of the fleet are responsible for protecting the sites so that future generations of divers can have the same experience of discovery. As stewards of the underwater world we must conserve the resources we visit and inevitably impact.

Descriptions presented here of each shipwreck include its environment, water depth, and cautions or suggestions for safe diving. Please follow instructions and take into account changing weather and sea conditions and your own level of diving ability and comfort.

  • To avoid damaging corals or timbers, please anchor in the sand or moor to buoys where provided.
  • Always display a 20" x 24" diver-down flag as required by state law for diving and snorkeling.
  • Be aware that exposed timbers are fragile-do not remove or disturb ballast or sand which protects the wood from further deterioration.
  • Maintain proper buoyancy and secure dangling gear to avoid damaging coral, sea fans, or ship structure.

Finally, please visit the 1733 Spanish Galleon Trail with care and respect, and remember to "take only pictures and leave only bubbles."

Shipwreck Map

Infante San Jose Capitana Chaves Tres Puentes Herrera San Pedro El Terri San Francisco Almiranta Angustias Sueco de Arizon Populo